Dr. Keller has helped me tremendously with my peripheral neuropathy that I have as a side effect from chemotherapy.  I had the neuropathy for about 18 months before I went to Dr. Keller.

My oncologist said he thought my neuropathy would be a permanent condition. Dr. Keller has been able to help relieve the damage when I was unable to find someone to help me. When I first went to Dr. Keller, I had shooting pains in my feet that prevented me from falling asleep and walking a lot. After an hour or two I would fall asleep and then the pains would wake me up during my sleep. The shooting pains are now completely gone! I can easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

The pins and needles feeling I had in my hands are almost gone, approximately 98% gone. I also had the pins and needles feeling in my toes to approximately 2-3 inches above my ankles. It is now only from my toes to half way up my foot but the intensity of pain is greatly diminished! I am better able to walk for longer periods of time and also exercise more.

When I first went to Dr. Keller I was desperate and somewhat depressed over my condition. Not anymore. I am so very grateful to Dr. Keller for her compassion, her caring help, and her expertize in relieving my peripheral neuropathy.  I am just so happy I found her now.


J. M., Bergen County New Jersey