Natural Ways to Firm Legs and Abdomen This Spring

skin firming cellulite reduction

Do you want a flatter belly without surgery? Wonder how to get smoother thighs without painful liposuction or laser therapy?

If you don’t want to give up wearing shorts or your favorite beachwear, but are frustrated by the problem of belly fat and cellulite, here are some natural and cosmetic treatments that can help.

Eat Well; Drink More Water

How can drinking water and eating right help tone skin and manage cellulite? It helps to understand what causes skin to loosen and dimple.

“Cellulite is caused by fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle,” explains the Mayo Clinic. “As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling.”

Inflammation and poor muscle tone can worsen the dimpling effect of fat under the skin. As the body works to rid itself of toxins and waste, fluids such as lymph accumulate under the skin.

Drinking water and eating healthy foods (to reduce toxins) helps your body reduce inflammation, burn fat, and nourish and hydrate your skin.

How Exercise Helps

Regular Exercise can be very beneficial to reducing the cellulite and firming skin. Without exercise, the body is less able to rid itself of excess fluids and wastes that build up and cause inflammation. Improving circulation and muscle tone helps the body flush this buildup.

Muscles that are firm and toned also do a better job of burning fat than weak, out of shape muscles. Smaller fat deposits help skin appear less baggy and be less dimpled.

Radiofrequency Therapy with the Venus Legacy System

Sometimes exercise and diet don’t do enough to reduce stubborn cellulite or loose skin. That’s when radiofrequency can be a very effective procedure without requiring painful surgery.

Radiofrequency therapy — with the Venus Legacy system — uses medically approved energy waves to firm the skin and reduce layers of fat and cellulite underneath.

The energy generates a gentle, safe amount of heat, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. The healing response helps produce collagen in the skin, and break down fat deposits below.

Collagen is present throughout the skin and connective tissues and supports them. It allows skin to stretch in all directions and return to its original shape.

Skin sags because of a breakdown in collagen. But our bodies regularly make the most collagen only through about age 25. Afterward, the rate of production slows, and does not keep up with the wear and tear of sun exposure and the effects of free-radical damage and aging on collagen.

How It Works

Radiofrequency stimulation triggers the body to produce more collagen.

That is how the Venus Legacy system works. The procedure uses a safe applicator to gently warm the skin and cellulite layers. Not only does it stimulate the body to make new collagen. It also reduces the amount of fat underneath by causing fat cells to break down and shrink. The body removes the excess fat naturally as waste.

Radiofrequency has been used medically for years to promote deep-tissue healing. And because it is also so effective in firming and restoring younger looking contours, it has become a leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Venus Legacy is the radiofrequency system I use, with very satisfying results.

With Venus Legacy, I have seen patients lose inches from their waist, thighs and buttocks when they follow a recommended series of treatments. Venus Legacy provides more effective skin firming, cellulite reduction and body contouring than any known cream, or deep-tissue massage system. It is the most effective rejuvenating procedure to firm skin on the abdomen (and anywhere else) and reduce cellulite without surgery.

An additional benefit – it feels great! The gentle warmth of the treatments allow patients to relax and de-stress during the procedure. Results are visible immediately. There is no downtime and no pain, and patients return to their regular activities feeling — and looking — rested and rejuvenated.

Have Realistic Expectations

Changes in skin appearance and texture can be managed, but preventing all signs of change may not be realistic.

To some extent, looser skin and cellulite come with aging. Certain changes may run in the family. For example, if your mother’s hips and thighs became dimpled with cellulite as she grew older, your skin show similar changes as you approach middle age. It may not be realistic to expect to get rid of it completely, but you can take action to minimize its appearance.

When you take care of yourself, you can stay trim and feel great. You do not have to give up wearing shorts or your favorite beachwear, or feel embarrassed about the changes to your body over time. Now you know some simple healthy habits and procedures to help you enjoy a firmer looking abdomen and smoother thighs — and feel happier with the results.

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Fed up with Hot Flashes and Nights Sweats? Tips to Manage them Naturally

manage hot flashes naturally

Discover natural ways to ease night sweats and dietary supplements that help. For night sweats bioidentical hormones may also help you get the rest and relief you need.

Hot flashes and night sweats can be very disruptive, even if you expect them as part of menopause. Sometimes their severity can come as a surprise. Symptoms may be so intense they wake you up at night.

Night sweats are related to daytime hot flashes, and are usually associated with menopause. However, both hot flashes and night sweats can happen in younger women, pregnant women, and those with an underlying medical condition, or high levels of stress.

What Causes Night Sweats

Night sweats occur when blood vessels open in the skin to release heat. You can perspire enough to soak your nightclothes and be awakened by cold wet sleepwear and damp sheets.

Night sweats happen when the body-temperature control system in the brain — the hypothalamus — triggers your body’s cooling system. The hypothalamus also controls stress hormones, sex hormones, and is sensitive to hormonal changes, including changes in estrogen levels. It can trigger the body to rapidly cool down in response to lower levels of estrogen.

Natural Ways to Manage Symptoms

The foods you eat and the way you manage stress can have a big impact on night sweats and hot flashes. You can reduce and manage the symptoms by knowing how to manage stress, take care of your body, and by learning which foods to avoid and why.

For example, excess sugar in the diet triggers a stress response in the body – including an increase in blood pressure, and heart rate, which can elevate body temperature. The hypothalamus is already hypersensitive to signals of overheating, and is can contribute to hot flashes and night sweats.

What other foods can you avoid to help you minimize night sweats? Here are a few to avoid:

  • Hot foods (served at a high cooking temperature)
  • Spicy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine or other stimulants

Here are some simple lifestyle changes that can help you calm your temperature regulation system:

  • Practice meditation to decrease adrenal hormones
  • Dress is loose clothing – for easier temperature regulation
  • Keep room temperature lower especially at night (ideal sleeping temperature is 65 degrees)
  • Exercise daily – do aerobics to get your heart rate up; and sweat will help decrease stress hormones
  • Eat a low glycemic whole food diet
  • Get 8 hours of sleep

These Dietary Supplements Can Help

Dietary supplements and herbs can be beneficial but should be taken under the guidance of your physician.

I recommend these 4 essential supplements for optimal health (Four Essential Supplements):

  • A good multivitamin
  • Fish oil
  • Probiotic (“good bacteria” in yogurt, sourdough bread and also capsule form)
  • Vitamin D

Two additional supplements have been shown to reduce night sweats. The first is Estrovera by Metagenics, a tablet formulated using the extract of Siberian rhubarb, which has been clinically proven to reduce symptoms. I have found it to be especially  helpful in reducing night sweats.

I also find many of my patients find Kavinace Flash-Ease by Neuroscience to be effective in reducing hot flashes, night sweats and helping them get and stay asleep. It contains black cohosh in addition to ashwagandha (a restorative herb which helps balance stress hormones). A naturally occurring amino acid known as 5-HTP which helps increase serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone).

It is important to discuss your options fully with your doctor. If you plan to take herbs or supplements, it is important to do so under the guidance of your physician. Just because a preparation is ‘natural,’ does not mean it’s free of side effects or possible interactions with other treatments you are taking. Herbs and supplements can have an impact on each other, or interact with prescription medication or over-the-counter medications.

Night Sweats and Bioidentical Hormones

I find that for many patients, a personalized treatment plan that combines, lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise, stress reductions, and supplements helps provide relief from night sweats. But for other patients, these changes may not provide enough relief or control over symptoms. In these cases, low dose bioidentical hormones may provide the relief you are looking for.

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