I have been dealing with stiffness, fatigue, an achy feeling every day for over 5 years.

I have gone doctor to doctor searching for someone to help with my symptoms. All the doctors I went to were not helping me. I knew what I was feeling was real. After 2 years of conventional tests and medications with tremendous side effects that gave me little to no relief I went online and found Dr. Betty Keller.

2 weeks after my first consult with Dr. Keller I was put on a course with a positive diagnosis and a treatment plan to begin the healing process with the fibromyalgia. I was able to talk to Dr. Keller about all of my symptoms with no judgment. She figured out that I had a thyroid problem also. Dr. Keller was the one who made me get all the right tests to figure out what was truly wrong with me on top of the fibromyalgia.

One month later I was able to sleep, think clearly, relieve stress, and begin a healthy life style with a huge reduction in my pain level. I even lost 10 pounds and it keeps coming off.

Dr. Keller’s knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine has totally turned my life around. Basic everyday activity that had become impossible is now easy to accomplish. My pain threshold has become greater and my stress no longer controls my life. I have a new life now thanks to Dr. Keller. She gave me the opportunity to get better when other doctors were not really doing so. She has changed my life.

D.F., Northern New Jersey