How to Stop Overeating?

weight loss doctor Bergen County NJ Dr. Betty Keller

How to Stop Overeating? Tips from Weight Loss Doctor Bergen County NJ, Dr. Betty Keller

Appetite is controlled by two hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin tells your body when it’s hungry and leptin signals all full. But when you constantly overeat, your natural appetite control system stops working and YOU DON’T KNOW when you’re full.

Overeating is also triggered by stress. When you’re under stress, your body secretes high levels of the hormone cortisol. This can make you increase your intake of food, because eating causes your brain to release the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine.

To curb overeating, you have to give your appetite-control hormones a chance to reset, so they can do their jobs. It helps if you chew each bite longer and eat more slowly. Put your fork down between bites. Savor the flavors.

Another way to reset your appetite control system is to get regular exercise. It makes your body more sensitive to leptin’s signal that you’re full. Aerobic exercise also decreases cortisol levels and elevates dopamine levels to give you the same mood boost you can get from eating.