More Energy with Chronic Pain and Fatigue (video)

People with fibromyalgia experience a loss of energy, along with constant pain and chronic fatigue.  There are effective ways of regaining your energy, but you have to be realistic.  Below are 3 tips to regain energy:

No. 1:  Stress Less
If you have less stress, it is less likely pain flare-ups will occur.  This will improve your chances of getting a good night’s rest also.  Acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, aroma therapy, water therapy, breathing and relaxation techniques and counseling and/or support groups all help reduce stress.

No. 2:  Adopt a Healthy Diet

Your body needs the right fuel to function optimally.  Pain and stiffness reduction can occur by improving your diet.  A whole-food based, anti-inflammatory diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, such as legumes, nuts, whole grains, and healthy fats found in flaxseed, fish, avocadoes and walnuts.  You should avoid eating overly-processed foods, such as white bread, cookies, cakes and crackers.

No. 3: Regular exercise. 

Decrease pain and boost mood with regular aerobic exercise combined with strength training.  You will also experience more energy, less pain and better sleep.  Start out gradually and increase your exercise as your strength increases.  Stress hormones aggravate fibromyalgia symptoms and can be minimized by practicing yoga or tai chi.

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This video was created by and Dr. Betty Keller; Dr. Keller practices at the Optimal Wellness Center in Franklin Lakes, NJ.