Dr Keller
Optimal Wellness Center
Have you been to your doctor and told your a little overweight? That your Cholesterol is a little high? You have too much stress? Too little time for exercise? Not enough time to do the things you enjoy or enough time for family and friends? Do you have a plan to help improve your Wellness? Our traditional Medical system is a sickness model, as traditional doctors we are taught how to treat diseases not how to teach our patients to be well. Most likely you left the office without a plan to improve your wellness. We are living longer but are we living better? Our lives are full of stress and excess stress can lead to poor food choices, self medication, lack of exercise and sleep. Wouldn’t it be great if next year when you saw your doctor, you were at a healthy weight, your cholesterol was good, you learned how to manage your stress, and were enjoying your life more? Our goal this year is to inform, motive and help you on your Wellness Journey. We will be giving tips on improving Wellness, Weight Management, Stress Reduction, Exercise, Keeping Positive and living a Happy and Purposeful life. We hope to motive and inform. We will be posting our Wellness tips on Face Book and soon you can also follow our Wellness blog. You can also check out our articles on our website. Have questions we would love to hear from you and hope you share our tips with your friends and family. We all benefit from a community that promotes wellness. Our hope is to help you live a happier healthier life.Wellness is a Journey not a Destination!

Wishing you Health and Happiness,

Dr Keller

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