Why Does Fibromyalgia Interfere with Normal Sleep? (video)

People with fibromyalgia often have trouble getting a normal night’s sleep.  The sharp and severe or dull and monotonous pain makes it hard to fall asleep or the pain often will wake you up after you have dozed off.  Sleep deprivation decreases the ability to tolerate pain and may actually increase pain.

Insomnia triggered by the pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia often becomes chronic.  There have been reports that people suffering from fatigue due to lack of sleep has cost them their jobs.  Often people are misdiagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, instead of being properly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Schedule an appointment and talk with your doctor about ways of getting better quality sleep with Fibromyalgia.


This video was created by Healthguru.com and Dr. Betty Keller; Dr. Keller practices at the Optimal Wellness Center in Franklin Lakes, NJ.