Acupuncture as Part of Your Treatment Plan

Acupuncture therapy - Dr. Betty Keller Acupuncture NJ

We welcome your interest in acupuncture as part of your treatment plan.

Medical acupuncture treatments help our patients reduce pain, lose weight, relieve stress, and even look better. We offer Acupuncture for Weight Loss and Cosmetic Acupuncture , as well as Medical Acupuncture, depending on your treatment plan.

How Medical Acupuncture Helps You

Your treatment is designed to benefit you and improve your individual condition.  We offer you not just specialized acupuncture therapy, but also the knowledge about how it works with other steps you are taking to improve your health.

Because Dr. Keller shares her knowledge about how your treatments work together, you are always able to improve your self-care and get the best possible results from your treatments.

The acupuncture treatments combined with the right medication, supplements, and dietary adjustments have made my joints, muscles, and soft tissue much less irritated and pain free! The quiet atmosphere and heated tables are great also. If you have pain, sore muscles, or fatigue I recommend you go see Dr. Keller. — SH Bergen County

To talk about medical acupuncture with Dr. Keller, call the Optimal Wellness Center at 201-485-7930

Below are some frequent questions patients ask about how we approach acupuncture at the Optimal Wellness Center:

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed differs from person to person.  For complex or long-standing conditions, one or two treatments per week for several months may be recommended.  For acute problems, usually fewer visits are required, and for health maintenance, four sessions a year may be all that is necessary.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Treatment?

Patients don’t usually experience unwanted side effects from acupuncture.  As energy is redirected in the body, internal chemicals and hormones are stimulated and healing begins to take place.

What Are the Needles Like?  Do they Hurt?

People experience acupuncture needles differently.  Most patients feel only minimal sensation as the needles are inserted; some feel no pain at all.  Once the needles are in place, there is no pain felt.

Acupuncture needles are very thin and solid and are made from stainless steel.  The point is smooth (not how with cutting edges like a hypodermic needle) and insertion through the skin is not like the pain you feel from injections or when giving a blood sample.  The risk of bruising and skin irritation is less than when using a hollow needle.

At the Optimal Wellness Center, we only use fresh, sterile, disposable needles. This avoids the risk of infection and helps ensure your peace of mind.

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Yes.  In the past 2,000 years, more people have been successfully treated with acupuncture than with all other health modalities combined.  Today, acupuncture is practiced in Asia, the new disbanded Soviet Union, and in Europe.  It is now being used more and more in America by patients and physicians.

Acupuncture treatments can be given at the same time as other techniques are being used, such as conventional Western medicine, osteopathic or chiropractic adjustments, and homeopathic or naturopathic prescriptions.

Acupuncture Training – Dr. Keller is trained in palpatory acupuncture, which combines classical Chinese medical principles with modern pathophysiology. She helps you understand your treatment from both the Eastern and Western perspective.

What if I want to know more?

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To ask about medical acupuncture with Dr. Keller, call the Optimal Wellness Center at 201-485-7930, or request an appointment on our website form.