Patient Information

Welcome to the Optimal Wellness Center. We are an integrative medical wellness center.  We specialize in therapeutic lifestyle changes and medical acupuncture. Our focus is in helping you develop a healthy lifestyle plan for optimal wellness.  This can include but is not limited to dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, fitness programs and stress reduction.

For New Patients

To make an appointment or speak with Dr. Keller, please call us at 201-485-7930.

We partner with our patients to design an individual wellness plan.  Whether you want to lose weight, balance your hormones, have more energy, less pain or reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, our goal is to develop a plan that works for you.

Medical Consultation: Your First Visit

Before your first visit we ask you to complete the Optimal Health Patient Medical Questionnaire. You can download it from the links on this page or we can e-mail it to you.

New Patients:  How to Obtain and Complete Your Medical Forms

If you do not get a chance to complete the forms before your visit, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. These forms include questions about your past and current medical history, surgeries, hospitalizations, family history, current and past medications and supplements.  Additional questions include lifestyle factors that could affect you health, alcohol, drug, and tobacco use, dietary, physical activity and sleep habits.Please bring copies of any recentbloodwork and tests results to your first visit. Your first visit with Dr. Keller will be a consultation, which will include extensive review of your medical and lifestyle history.

After review of your history Dr. Keller will perform a physical exam, which includes height, weight, waist/hip measurement and blood pressure. In addition a bioimpedance analysis (BIA) may be performed on some of our patients. BIA measures body composition, both percentage of body fat and lean body mass.

If you have been told you will need a BMI, please follow instructions on how to prepare for your BIA. A one-page information sheet is here for you to download. This information is in your health history questionnaire. Dr. Keller may order specific laboratory or diagnostic tests to more thoroughly identify your health needs.

After your examination Dr. Keller will make some recommendations based on your wellness goals.  These may include but not limited to dietary changes and nutritional supplements. A more comprehensive plan will be discussed on your follow up visit scheduled about two weeks following your consultation. This will allow time for the results of your laboratory work and other diagnostic tests to be completed. In addition to dietary changes,medications, Bioidentical Hormones, supplements, and or medical foods may be recommended. We may also recommend fitness programs, relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture or massage.  Additional recommendation can include acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, physical therapy or cognitive restructuring techniques. Our goal is to develop a personalized wellness plan that works for you.

Acupuncture Consultation

After a comprehensive review of your history and current medical concerns Dr. Keller will do a musculoskeletal exam. If she feels you could benefit from acupuncture you will have your first treatment following your consultation. Followup visits are scheduled based on your particular case. Please allow 75 minutes for your first visit, consultation and treatment time. Follow up acupuncture treatments are 30 to 45 minutes.

Aesthetic Consultations

Dr. Keller will review your medical history and discuss your aesthetic concerns. Aesthetic consultations are complementary.

Length of First Visit

Please allow 90 minutes for your medical consultation.

Extended medical consultations are 2 hours

Aesthetic Consultations 30 minutes


Acupuncture consultations 30 minutes, treatments are 45minutes.
Optimal Wellness Center is an out of network provider for most insurance plans.

The Optimal Wellness Center has opted out of Medicare.