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Working with Dr. Keller has been a great experience!

She is very thorough and understanding throughout the whole weight loss process.

She wants to make sure these lifestyle changes work for you in your daily life which is so important.

Dr. Keller is super helpful and always available over text which helps hold you accountable to your goals.

I highly recommend Dr. Keller if you are looking to make a long lasting change!

— MD, Bergen County

During most of my adult life I tried losing weight.

I tried every weight loss program and every fad diet you could think of. I even tried seeing several doctors that prescribed several different prescription weight loss medications.

In the end of all these attempts I would lose some weight but then gain it back and then some.

In 2019 while seeing my genetic specialist she informed me that I had increased my chances of getting breast cancer by 34% because of the amount of weight I had gained over the years . During that visit I was also told I had became pre-diabetic and was put on blood pressure medication for increased blood pressure.

On the drive home all I could do was cry.

Two days later a friend recommended me to Dr. Keller, the person who changed my life.

The person who I can honestly say gave me back my life. I started seeing Dr. Keller over 18 months ago. During the last 18 months I have lost over 50 pounds and am now off all medications and am no longer pre diabetic.

You may ask what was the difference between Dr. Keller and all the other doctors I saw.

The first thing is her commitment to her patients, the time she spends prior to giving a genetic diet or just prescribing a medication.

She started with extensive blood work and testing so she could devise a plan that was individualized to my specific needs.

She has taught me that I did not need a diet to meet with success. I needed a lifestyle change.

I did not need a quick fix that weight loss medications provide, I needed to learn what foods and the amount of food to eat to fuel my body and aid in this weight loss journey. Each week I learned something new and felt empowered by Dr. Keller to keep on my path.

I still continue to see Dr. Keller and am forever grateful for her teaching me how to be the best version of myself.

 TS, Bergen County

Dr. Keller provides personalized treatment and is both caring and understanding.

She is very knowledgeable as to the most recent medical research and treatment options. She is easy to talk to and is always responsive by email and text. She has helped me address my weight issue and has helped me to understand what foods are best for me.

I am grateful for all she has done and I recommend her to anyone having difficulty losing weight.

AE, Bergen County

After spending my adult life fighting obesity, I have finally found a doctor who can help me.

Dr. Keller understands and embraces the science behind obesity and is well versed on all the latest scientific and medical information on that topic. She is supportive, facilitating, motivating and compassionate.

I find Dr. Keller to be extremely responsive. She is thorough in addressing all of my issues and needs. Dr. Keller also understands the practical nature of our day-to-day living and can make suggestions for a food plan that is compatible with one’s lifestyle.

I am so grateful to be under the guidance of Dr. Keller. I feel that finally I am able to address the mental, physical and emotional challenges of obesity with her support and professional care.

Dr. Keller is saving my life!

JD, Bergen County

Venus Legacy

I am delighted that I am currently having the Venus Legacy treatments of the tops of my legs from Betty Keller MD of Optimal Wellness Center. I have only had four treatments of the recommended eight and I can see the difference. My legs are tighter and smoother and people have told me thinner. I am so happy with the results. I can’t wait to do my stomach next. I highly recommend Venus Legacy!

L.B., Bergen County New

I was skeptical about anything that claims to diminish cellulite and improve the texture of your skin, but I tried Venus Legacy anyway — I did not want to be only one of my friends with cellulite!! Being the skeptic, I had the esthetician do half of my thighs (just the upper portion). Well after two treatments I noticed a significant difference. My treated skin is smoother and softer , you can see the difference by your naked eye! The water in the shower even runs off differently! The procedure is painless and actually quite pleasant for me it was a win win, Definitely worth it!!

KH, Venus Legacy believer, Bergen County, NJ

I loved my Venus Legacy experience. I started seeing results immediately and overtime the results were amazing. I would do it all over again. Thank you, Dr. Betty Keller! Thanks again!

JD, Bergen County

I am thrilled with my results. I exercise and eat very healthy but had some stubborn areas of fat, my “love handles” and a little post-menopausal belly fat. I also had a little cellulite on my thighs. I just finished a series of 8 Venus Legacy treatments on all three areas and could not be happier. I plan on coming back in four months for a touch up to maintain my results.

EG, Saddle River

I have been doing Venus Legacy for about two years. I did the original series of 6 to my face and neck as a 50th birthday present for myself. I come every 4 months for a touch up and am so happy with my results. I also use Dr. Keller skin care, everyone says I don’t look my age. I look forward to going to the Optimal Wellness Center the treatments am relaxing and Dr. Keller performs all the treatments herself. I trust her recommendations, I learn something new every visit. Thank you Dr. Keller for helping me look as young as I feel.

LS, Wayne

I just finished a series of Venus Legacy treatments to my thighs but front and back. I then went home for a visit to Brazil; my sisters could not believe how good I look!

Now that I am back I am going to do my arms next. Thank you Dr. Keller

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