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Weight Loss Do’s and Don’ts

What’s your weight loss plan? Here are some quick tips:

What’s your weight loss plan? Here are some quick tips:
Do make a plan, the more you prepare, the more successful you will be.

Do plan your meals. Create a menu of healthy meals for the week. Take your list to the store and stick to your list.

Don’t eat unplanned food, stick to your meal plan.

Do remove any unhealthy foods from your kitchen.

Don’t leave any unhealthy foods in your refrigerator or cupboard that will temp you to eat them just because they are there.

Do keep a food diary, keeping a food journal will allow you to see how much you really are consuming.

Don’t forget to include snacks and drinks in your food journal.

Do watch your portion size.

Don’t automatically finish what’s on your plate. Stop eating when you feel satisfied.

Do eat when you are hungry.

Don’t eat when you are not hungry.

Do eat foods that are high in fiber, like non starchy vegetables, almonds and flaxseeds.

Don’t eat foods high in added sugars.

Do eat lean protein and healthy fat

Don’t drink sugary drinks or consume too much alcohol.

Do make regular exercise part of your daily routine.

Don’t get less than 7.5 hours of sleep per night.

Do give yourself credit for making healthy lifestyle choices

Don’t compare yourself with others, view your progress overtime.

If you need help losing weight, we can help you lose the weight safely and keep it off.

Optimal Wellness is a Medical Weight Loss Center. Our programs our based-on Science and Medical Research.

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