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Introducing an Extraordinary Advancement in Meal Replacements for Weight Loss or Weight Stabilization

Have you been struggling with weight loss? At Optimal Wellness Medical Weight Loss Center, we would like to announce the introduction of the new Numetra Program. This is a “state of the science” medically supervised weight loss program that is not only effective, but can be individualized to any patient that needs to reduce body fat, and improve body composition.

Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, the Numetra program can be personalized for your specific needs.

Numetra is a highly effective medically supervised weight loss program. Prior to starting your weight loss program, you will undergo a medical evaluation by Dr. Keller. This includes a detailed medical history, physical exam, lab work, body composition analysis, and EKG (if needed). Because Numetra is a medically supervised weight loss program, our patients are closely supervised and supported by Dr. Keller, who is Board Certified in both Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine. In addition, Dr. Keller has over 10 years of experience in helping patients lose weight, and keep it off. Dr. Keller’s training, experience and passion for helping her patients lose weight and live healthier lives, ensures that your weight loss program will be medically sound, safe, efficient, and effective.

At Optimal Wellness Medical Weight Loss Center, we help guide you in making healthy nutritional choices but also focus on other lifestyle issues, including behavior, activity, stress management, and sleep. These lifestyle changes ensure long term success and we are here for you every step of the way.

The Numetra program includes unique scientifically designed formulations. The product line was developed as the result of a comprehensive review of recent academic research. The products include synergistic ingredients that help promote optimal metabolism for active weight loss. Numetra’s unique blend of macro nutrients with varied rates of digestion plus essential micronutrients support healthy weight management. They are designed to help you feel full for longer, and promote optimal metabolism and nutrition for healthy weight loss.

In addition to Numetra meal replacement options,Dr. Keller may recommend vitamins, supplements, and or medications if needed.

At Optimal Wellness we also offer genetic testing to find the right way to eat for your genetic makeup. We also do regular full body composition analysis to ensure you are losing fat and maintaining or gaining muscle mass.

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