10 More Tips for Weight Loss

Some simple weight loss tips make eating less stressful every day. Our first list of 10 weight loss tips offered several ideas that you can make work for you.  Here are 10 more to help you reach your weight control goals:

  1. Plan meals and snack for the week. Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  2. Never go to the grocery store hungry. Shop only after you have had a healthy meal or snack.
  3. Keep healthy snacks with you for emergencies. (Bottle of water, piece of fruit, small 100 calorie pack of almonds) This way you are less tempted to stop and grab a less healthy alternative.
  4. Practice daily relaxation to help reduce stress hormones like cortisol, which tells your body to hold onto fat.
  5. Increase your daily activity. Take the stairs. When shopping, don’t choose the closet parking spot; take a walk at lunch or after dinner.
  6. Try switching to a smaller dinner plate. Using a smaller plate will help keep your portions size down.
  7. Eat less but more often. Try 3 small meals a day and 2-3 small snacks a day. This keeps your blood sugar stable and avoids it from dropping too low and causing a rebound increased appetite.
  8. Eat more fiber. Aim for 25-35 grams. Fiber helps you feel full, with fewer calories. Foods rich in fiber include oat, bran, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
  9. After your evening snack, close the kitchen and brush your teeth. Don’t go back into the kitchen. If you feel like another snack after you closed the kitchen try sipping on decaffeinated tea or chewing sugarless gum.
  10. Don’t drink your calories. Soft drinks, fruits juices, specialty coffees, and smoothies are full of sugar. This sugar content makes your insulin rise quickly and your appetite increase shortly after drinking it.

Want other ideas to help you lose weight?  Dr. Betty Keller specializes in guiding patients through lifestyle changes to improve diet and nutrition to lose weight – with lower stress.  Therapies may include traditional Western medicine, dietary supplements, appropriate physical activities and an individual treatment plan created uniquely for you.  She treats patients in her Ridgewood, New Jersey office – serving Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas.  To learn about treatment options with Dr. Keller contact 201-485-7930.

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