Can Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Could Lack Of Sleep Be One Of The Causes Of Your Unwanted Weight Gain? There are many factors that can cause you to gain weight. Lack of sleep is one such risk factor. Could your lack of sleep be causing you to gain those extra-unwanted pounds? There have been many studies confirming the association of … Read more

What Causes Obesity?

Almost all diseases are multifactorial and obesity is no exception!      There are many factors that cause our bodies to gain weight. These include, but are not limited to: Genetics, sleep, stress, activity, environment, medications, environmental toxins, excess calories, processed carbohydrates, and sugar. These, and many other converge on multiple hormone pathways to cause weight gain. … Read more

Optimal Wellness Weight Loss Program

Optimal Wellness is committed to helping you reach your wellness goals. Our weight loss program is completely individualized. Your first visit is a 90-minute consultation with Dr. Keller. You will have a detailed history, a physical exam and an In Body test will  be performed. The In Body test, not only measures your weight and … Read more

Your Hormones and Weight Loss

You’ve tried diet and exercise and still can’t manage to shed those unwanted extra pounds. Why do some of us store extra fat and others don’t? What determines what happens to the food you eat, and whether what you eat goes to your waist or is burned off as fuel? It’s your hormones! Hormones control … Read more

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