New Study Shows Low Carb Diet May Be The Best Diet To Maintain Weight Loss!

A recently published article in BJM reveals that in order to maintain Weight Loss, following a Low Carb Diet may be the best way to achieve long lasting results. According, to Dr David Ludwig Harvard professor and principle investigator, a low carb diet may be the key to keeping the weight off.

When people lose weight, the body fights back by decreasing energy expenditure, and increasing hunger, leading to weight regain.

The study showed that after patients lost weight those that followed a low carbohydrate diet were able to maintain their weight loss better then those who followed a high carb diet. Patients who followed a low carb diet actually burned 250 more calories per day then those following a high carb diet. (Both groups consumed the same number of total calories) Those patients who had higher insulin levels at the start, burned up to 478 more calories per day on a low carb diet compared to those on a high carb diet. The low carb group also had much lower levels of the “Hunger Hormone” Ghrelin, then the high carb. So those following a low carb diet were far less hungry then those following a high carb diet.

The study shows that the composition of our diet has a major impact on our metabolism. Weight is not simply calories in/calories burned. The bottom line foods such as processed carbohydrates; raise blood sugar levels that in turn raise Insulin levels, which is our fat storing hormone. High Insulin levels drive fat cells to store too many calories; the rest of the body is not getting the calories and thinks it is starving. So your brain thinks the body is starving and causes you want to eat more, despite having excess fat reserves. When your body thinks it is starving it also decreases your energy expenditure and elevates your stress hormones like cortisol, making your body want to hold on to fat. Dr. Ludwig states, on a low carb diet, the body has better access to calories, as the fat cells are not taking in all the calories. This is because low carbohydrate foods do not raise insulin levels to excessive levels like processed carbohydrates. This way calories can be distributed to other parts of the body. Sticking to a low carb diet, you will burn more calories and have reduced hunger. Dr Ludwig believes the biggest culprits, are processed carbohydrates, which include white bread, white rice, potatoes, prepared breakfast cereals, added sugar, cookies, and crackers.

This is a groundbreaking study, we have science to back how to obtain and maintain our correct weight and ensure a healthy metabolism. If you are having trouble obtaining or maintaining your correct weight Dr Keller can help. To learn more schedule your appointment with Dr Keller. Invest in yourself, your future self will thank you.

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