Why Keeping A Food And Activity Journal Can Help You Live A Healthier Life.

Why Keeping A Food and Activity Journal Can Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle. 

  • 1) Accountability: Keeping tract of what you eat can help hold you accountable for everything you eat and drink. Its easy to mindlessly snack without realizing how much you are really eating. You are also less likely to choose non nutritious foods or mindlessly snack if you have to write it down.
  • 2) Portion Control: It can also make you aware of the actual portion size you are eating. Keep track of your portions. Some people have a problem eating too much, even healthy foods can cause weight gain if you eat too much. 
  • 3) Keep track of your mood and any symptoms, it may change the way you think about food. You may also detect foods that you are sensitive to.
  • 4) Record whether you were hungry or not. It’s best to only eat when you are hungry.
  • 5) By recording what you eat you can objectively look at what your overall nutrition is. Are you eating enough protein, and vegetables? Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Are you drinking enough water?
  • Tracking your activity can also help you reach your wellness goals. Benefits of Activity Tracking:
  • 1) Track your progress. Helps you see how much you have improved your overall fitness.
  • 2) Helps keep you motivated. If you are not feeling motivated,looking at your journal and see your progress, can help motivate you. Remembering how great you feel and the sense of well being after a workout, can also help with motivation.
  • 3) Keep track of your energy levels. If your energy level is low one day you can see what you have been eating and check how much sleep you had the night before. Making daily healthy lifestyle choices takes planning. You need to plan your meals, snacks and daily activity. Keeping a journal can help you stay on track. Your future self will thank you! Healthy food and regular activity helps to prevent chronic disease. They also help with overall wellness mood, focus and memory. Enjoy your journey. Start your journal today.
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