5 Behavior Modifications that help you feel great and lose weight

Weight management involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a positive attitude, good nutrition and exercise.

Here are 5 tips to control your mealtime environment and make losing weight a natural result of your lifestyle:

  1. Serve your plate from the stove or kitchen counter. Do not place serving bowls on the table. Studies show that when meals are served family style with serving dishes on the table people eat more calories.
  2. Fill your plate half with vegetables, a quarter with lean protein, a quarter with a whole grain starch.
  3. Use smaller plates, bowls and serving spoons. Visually your portion will look larger on a smaller plate, using a smaller serving spoon will help keep your portion size down.
  4. When serving yourself, limit portions of food to one serving or less.
  5. Eat slowly, enjoy your food and do not go for second helpings.

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