Research Shows Maintaining a Healthy Weight Helps Prevent Mental Decline

healthy lifestyle and healthy weight aids mental function
Healthy lifestyle and healthy weight aids mental function

Staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight not only reduces your risk of developing chronic disease.

It also helps maintain cognitive function.

New Findings in Healthy Lifestyle Mental Benefits

Research shows that that there is an association between being overweight or obese and impaired cognitive function.

In addition, people with metabolic abnormalities such as diabetes or high cholesterol are at increased risk of mental decline as well.

Studies show that these metabolic abnormalities like diabetes and elevated lipids are predictive of lower cognitive function regardless of BMI (Body Mass index, a measure of body fat). However the higher the BMI in this group the greater the mental decline.

Healthy eating and lifestyle can not only combat chronic disease but also can help maintain mental function as we age.

Food is medicine, so choosing whole foods, lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, lean protein and healthy fats combined with regular exercise, stress reducing activities can all help keep your body and mind healthy.

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