Weight Loss

Healthy lifestyle and weight loss treatments, Franklin Lakes NJ

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips from Dr. Betty Keller

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When you work with us on your weight loss program, Dr. Keller makes a commitment with you to help you succeed in becoming lighter and healthier.

Being successful means learning what changes to make  in your lifestyle and food choices to enjoy looking and feeling healthier for good.

Dr. Keller’s treatment plan and personal follow up consultations guide you in making a transition to a  healthier lifestyle, where a lighter weight is one natural outcome.

You See Many Benefits in Addition to Weight Loss

Your treatment plan includes a combination of therapies from traditional medicine, alternative therapies which may include medical acupuncture and nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.  You find ways to develop new habits that you can sustain and enjoy, that allow you to maintain your healthy weight for a lifetime.

Eating better quality food, finding ways to better judge of portion sizes, and being more active have other major benefits.  You greatly increase your ability to avoid chronic disease, and enjoy increased energy and well-being.  Contact us to make an appointment for your personal weight loss treatment plan.