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3 Easy Portion Size Tips for Reaching a Healthy Weight

Proper portion size for weight loss isn’t about starving yourself.  It’s about enjoying what you eat, in healthy amounts.  Often, weight creeps up simply because we aren’t aware of how much we actually eat.

Learning proper portion sizes sounds a lot harder than it really is. Here are 3 easy tips and tricks to ensure that you eat what you need shed and keep off excess weight.

Tip 1)  Don’t Eat Out of the Container

One easy way to avoid snacking too much is to not eat directly out of the container. Take a serving from the container instead. The packages that foods come in are large. Helping ourselves from the package encourages us to keep eating whatever’s in front of us. If you’re eating while watching TV or reading a book, being distracted often leads to eating more than you meant to out of the box or bag. Instead, pour the amount you plan to eat in a bowl and keep the rest out of eyesight.

Tip 2) Use Familiar Things to Measure by Eye

One good way to eyeball healthy portions is by comparing them in your mind with familiar things. For instance, one serving of fruit, like a small apple or orange, would be about the size of a tennis ball. One carbohydrate serving of cooked rice (1/3rd cup), is the size of a hockey puck. Make it personal! Find objects that can help you remember the amount intend to eat as a serving size.

Tip 3) Fill Your Plate in Sections

A good way to fill a plate with well-sized portions is to use sections of your plate as your guide.

Half the plate should be lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. The more color, the better! It means that you are getting lots of different vitamins and minerals.

A quarter of the plate should be protein. Choose proteins that are rich in nutrients, such as beans, nuts, fish, or chicken. (Avoid red and processed meats such as beef or bacon. Even small amounts can lead to future health issues. )

The last quarter is for grains. Whole grains are the healthiest choice. Avoid processed options like white rice or white bread — go for more fiber, vitamins, minerals and rich natural flavor of whole grains. Wild rice, brown rice, buckwheat and barley are a few of many to choose from.

Finding your proper portion size is about learning how much and what you plan to eat for a healthy weight.

Taking time to take proper portions can make a big difference in losing weight and keeping it off for good.

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About Dr. Betty Keller:

Dr. Betty Keller practices integrative medicine at the Optimal Wellness Center in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.  She is a board certified doctor specializing in weight loss, chronic pain treatment, medical acupuncture and disease prevention, serving Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, NJ, and nearby areas.

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Dr. Betty Keller's practice is currently accepting appointments for new weight loss patients. Serving Bergen County NJ and nearby areas.

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